Shop Small, Shop Local

Amy Riger
Customer at a cash register

The trend for big box stores is undeniable. Mega brands saturate the market. From mega discount stores to giant reaching brands and even clothing retailers, everyone has hopped on board to make sure their brand experience reaches into all parts of the lives of their customers. It’s simple…but it comes at a bigger price: it’s costing us our uniqueness.

The great part about our still-standing, scrappy, small boutique stores (both ours and others) is that you can not only be a part of the local economy, but you can curate your own personal style within these businesses. Often, smaller stores have seasoned professional designers on staff to help you bring your personal vision to life…just like us at AiM!

As more and more companies shutter their big stores and go direct to the online experience for their customers, you now have a unique opportunity. It opens even more reason for you to come in, sit down, and try on your own style experience.

Go into a small shop and get cozy. Feel the durability of the fabric for your busy family, the support of the cushions for that afternoon nap, and how the cushion hue compares in real life to your special heirloom floral still life from your great grandmother. It makes a difference to becoming the home YOU want. Not the home the internet wants for you.

So we welcome you in. Come join us. Sit down. Ask questions! Feel that comfy couch. Sit at the dinner table. And experience your forever pieces in our intimate and comfortable environment.

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