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Adventurous design pushes boundaries and embraces the unexpected in order to capture the innovative moments that elevate a space to the extraordinary.


Intuitive design is about resonating with a space in order to understand what it needs. Only after finding the harmony of aesthetics and functionality that a space needs, can you then create it.


Designing a meaningful space is the art of infusing it with a sense of emotional significance and purpose. By thoughtfully selecting every element, you can create an environment that evokes a profound sense of belonging.

Reshape the box itself by thinking outside of it!

Amy brought an ordinary home to a level of warmth, and brilliance. Every detail looks absolutely amazing. The beauty she left behind will bring me daily joy for years to come.
- Susan B.

Meet Amy

For over 40 years, renowned interior designer, Amy Riger, has improved the lives of her clients by transforming their homes into stunning expressions of style and functionality.

Learn more about Amy and what makes her so effective at delivering amazing results every time.

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